Linpus Lite instant-OS caught on video

March 9, 2009 at 6:58 pm

Linpus Lite, the instant-on OS, was showcased in CeBIT last week. As shown in the video below from NetbookNews, the OS takes a matter of seconds to boot up. This is customised version of Linux on the hard-disk and not part of the bios, like some other instant-on OSes like Splashtop. When booted, the icons house some basic applications including Chat, Skype, Media Player and an internet browser. The instant-on OS hasn’t caught on as much as the preamble initially suggested. However, as well as Linpus, there are a number of instant-on OSes coming to the market shortly including JoliCloud and Moblin. 2009 may possibly be the year that these operating systems really take off. Linpus Lite video after the jump.


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