Dell planning Adamo netbook with 9-inch screen?

March 16, 2009 at 5:38 pm

AdamoDell’s upcoming Adamo 13-inch laptop certainly has many people drooling over its super-thin design. However, one thing we have always suspected is that the Adamo name will be shared across a range of luxury laptops much like the Dell Inspiron range.

We have seen a number of websites reporting that further details on the Adamo will be released tomorrow (17th March), but whilst everyone is looking for exactly what is under the hood of the 13-inch beauty, could Dell also be announcing a super-thin 9-inch version of the Adamo too? The whole thing has been so secret that we couldn’t rule it out.

The rumour gets even more interesting considering that a Blogeee reader has sent in a screen capture produced when updating his Dell Latitude E4300 firmware. On this screen capture it clearly shows two names side-by-side under XPS Notebook. First up is the ‘Adamo 13’ which we assume is the 13-inch version that was revealed to the press at the beginning of the year. However, next to that is the ‘Adamo 9’. Now it could be something else completely but the possibility remains a 9-inch version of the Adamo may be on the cards.


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