Rumour: Apple Revealing Details of 10-inch Tablet Today

March 17, 2009 at 3:29 pm

Computerworld is predicting that Apple will be announcing a 10-inch tablet device at its Apple 3.0 event later today. Apple advertised late last year for someone to work with Apple’s expanded role in embedded devices. Combine this with recent rumours that Apple is buying 10-inch touchscreen panels leads to a possible Apple Tablet in the works.

Personally, I would see a convertible tablet make more sense than just a standalone tablet. That size would be hard to use with the light-touch screen of the iPhone for example, every time you brush it something will happen that you don’t want. Anyway, Apple may feel it is too early to reveal its hand. If anything does come out of today’s event we’ll keep you posted. The event is scheduled to start at 5PM GMT this afternoon.

Via ComputerWorld.


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