Targus releases all-in-one netbook accessory kit

March 18, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Targus, one of the leading suppliers of notebook cases in the word, has launched a “netbook accessories kit” to cash in on the huge growth in the netbook segment. The kit was apparently specifically designed by Targus “to meet the everyday needs of the netbook user on the go”.

The kit includes a slipskin netbook case, an ultra mini retractable optical mouse and ultra mini 4-port USB hub. It’s not known how bulky the whole kit will be, however with the frequent use of the term ‘ultra mini’, one hopes that bulk will be kept to a minimum. How much this kit will cost is also unknown with further details expected to be released on its UK site shortly. Targus is also planning further netbook accessories later in the year.

The new Netbook Accessory Kit was created with the everyday needs of a netbook user in mind and provides all the tools needed to maximize a netbook user’s mobile experience,” said Al Giazzon, vice president of marketing at Targus.


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