‘Apple netbook with OLED screen’ rumours intensify

March 19, 2009 at 5:49 pm

We reported last week how the rumoured 10-inch Apple netbook would likely come with an OLED screen. Now it seems as if these rumours will intensify following a SmartHouse report claiming that Apple is working on a netbook prototype with an OLED screen supplied by LG.

The report also suggests that sources at LG Korea are corroborating with the rumours that Apple may be planning a touchscreen netbook or tablet. Apparently LG has been testing OLED panels in the area of touch sensitivity and those that “leave behind finger marks”. The sources claim that in recent testing OLED screens used on a notebook attracted “body oils and sweat” when a finger was constantly used on a screen. LG believe that by adding a layer in the manufacturing process that they can eliminate “finger marking”.

The netbook will be manufactured in Taiwan, most likely by Quanta Computer, who are also manufacturing Dell’s luxurious Adamo notebook. LG had won a contract last year to manufacture screens for Apple. It is believed that OLED screens are planned for a number of Apple devices including the next iPhone, iPod Touch as well as computer monitors. If any of this is remotely true I still do wonder exactly how much such a ‘netbook’ would retail for? Adding in a rumoured flash drive for the device would see its cost easily enter four figures. Regardless, the prospect for such a device remains very exciting.


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