HP Mini 2140 – Video overview

March 21, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Whilst the HP Mini 2140 is targeted at business customers, many consumers have been picking this up having received a number of favourable reviews over the last couple of months. Lilputing recently went hands-on with the Mini 2140 along with a video overview. Like the Mini 1000, the HP Mini 2140 has a fairly large keyboard (92 percent the size of a full-size qwerty keyboard) with wide, flat buttons. The mouse configuration remains the same, too: the right and left mouse buttons flank the mousing surface instead of sitting below it, which makes navigating and editing documents slightly difficult. But at least the mouse buttons on the HP Mini 2140 are rubberised and rise above the surface, improving the mouse’s manageability.

The included 3 cell battery only runs for about 4 hours, where as the 6 cell battery runs for 8.5 hours. Having a SDD storage drive increases the battery life to 10 hours. The 6-cell battery does come at an aesthetic cost adding both weight and bulk to the bottom, although it has been designed to provide a nice ‘tilt’ whilst typing.

The 10.1in backlit LED display stood out. Colourful and crisp, this screen has a native resolution of 1024 by-576 pixels. An optional high-definition 1366-by-768-pixel display will be available in the US in early April for just an extra $25. The entry level version of the 2140 comes with a 160GB hard drive (which spins at 5400rpm), however for an extra $50 you can bump up to a 7,200rpm hard-drive. An 80GB SSD will cost an extra $575! Check out the video after the break.


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