Sony Vaio P video tour

March 22, 2009 at 11:49 am

jkOnTheRun has been playing around with the Sony Vaio P for a few days now. Apart from demonstrating that the Vaio P does actually fit in a pocket, they also got round to posting a video tour of the unit. Overall impressions were positive with the Vaio P being very light and easy to use. The keyboard was one of the strong points, being surprisingly typable with chiclet keys, even allowing you to touch-type quite easily. One small negative was that the right shift key is really small and hard to reach. Battery life on the 2-cell battery was a respectable three hours.

The configuration of their Vaio P is not actually being sold in the US and was provided on loan by an import specialist. It was powered by a 1.86Ghz Atom CPU and 2GB RAM. As far as I’m aware, there are no other netbooks being powered by a 1.86GHz Atom CPU but please let me know if I’m wrong here. It also came with a 64GB SDD storage drive (I can’t imagine this configuration being cheap!) with Vista Home Premium.

The high resolution (1600 x 768) screen was easier to see than thought, being quite crisp, clean and vivid. As well as two giant mouse key buttons towards the bottom of the keyboard, there was also a scroll bar and two user-programmable buttons (in this case being used to mute and tile windows).

On the Windows Experience Index, the Vaio P scored 2.0 on 3D graphics, not unexpected given the integrated graphics), however it did score 5.8 on the hard disk side, showing how much of a benefit the SSD storage brings. Despite handling Vista smoothly, the Vaio P could not handle HD or full-screen video, which was found to be choppy. Regular video (like youtube) was fine however. See the full video over at jkOnTheRun.


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