Verizon Confirms Subsidised Netbooks Plan

March 28, 2009 at 4:40 pm

Verizon will start to sell 3G-enabled netbooks in its stores from early as next month according to InternetNews. This is hardly surprising news as it seems to be a natural evolution for wireless carriers. We have already seen a number of global operators offering subsidised netbooks to boost revenues. Many of them see data as a growth area offsetting the decline in voice usage.

Verizon Wireless could start selling netbooks as early as next quarter in Verizon Wireless Communications stores,” said Brenda Raney of Verizon’s product distribution and marketing. “No further information on pricing or availability at this point.”

We still don’t know exactly whom Verizon will partner with, although there were recent rumours of a HP partnership. Could we see HP Mini 1000 netbook being offered soon? It will be going up against AT&T who sells $99 Acer netbooks with a 24-month contract at $60 per month through Radioshack stores. AT&T also sells the Dell Mini netbooks through its own website.



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