Nvidia Ion launching this quarter

April 2, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Nvidia IonNvidia’s Ion platform is expected to appear this quarter (April to June) according to an official press release. Nvidia’s Ion is an Intel Atom system that has been powered-up with a GeForce 9400M in place of the ageing 945 chipset. Though the 9400M is new to the Atom, it’s an established chipset that’s already found in full-spec notebooks such as the Dell Studio XPS 13 and the Apple MacBook.

One of the first Ion-based nettops could be the Acer Hornet, which is believed to be launching in Beijing on April 8th. Intended to fit on the back of a flatscreen monitor, the Hornet offers both media centre functionality and motion-sensitive games, similar to the Nintendo Wii.

Its appearance in netbooks/nettops will mean that these low-power systems should be able to handle modest 3D gaming and decode 1080p video content without breaking a sweat. Personally we can’t wait to see the appearance of Ion in a netbook, but its success will depend on the pricing. However, to try and convince you how big a deal this really is, Nvidia has got some industry bigwigs (Adobe, Google, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts) together to tell you so. Check out the video after the jump.


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