Nvidia Tegra-powered HP Mini 1000 netbook

April 2, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Nvidia TegraNvidia has shown off a HP Mini 1000 at CTIA powered by its own Tegra platform. The unit was shown using a Windows CE build. As it uses an ARM CPU, it does not support Windows XP and Vista. The Nvidia Tegra line is a low-power platform aimed at mobile products and can handle 720p HD video.

Nvidia were showcasing the Tegra platform rather than telling the world that it is planning to commercialise a Tegra-powered HP Mini. The prototype demonstrated was about the size of a single DIMM RAM. It shows how scalable the platform is.

Could we see these in MIDs or netbooks soon? The advantage of HDMI, playable 3D graphics and more battery life may be enough to convince users to sacrifice Windows XP/Vista/Windows7. There are no firm Tegra product announcements yet, but as with Ion, it can’t be too long now.

Via Engadget.


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