Steve Jobs working on Apple’s rumoured netbook?

April 13, 2009 at 12:27 pm

Steve JobsApple’s head honcho, Steve Jobs, is apparently working on Apple’s new portable device according to the Wall Street Journal. The report suggests that Apple is working on a netbook/tablet that is smaller than its current laptop computers but larger than the iPhone (kind of obvious!) It’s hard to say what this Apple netbook would look like exactly — it seems none of the Apple tipster sites have yet to get a good grasp on it, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation.

We have already heard a number of rumours regarding an Apple netbook or tablet device. This includes the news that Apple has apparently placed an order with Wintek to supply 10-inch touch panels, with shipments of the panel expected in Q3 2009. There have also been rumours that the device will use flash storage and even rumours that it will have an OLED screen.

MacRumors suggests: “Apple’s ongoing research into multi-touch, however, has generated speculation that Apple may incorporate more advanced gesturing into a future device.” This may point to a tablet device without physical keyboard. Steve Jobs, who has been absent from the public arena due to health troubles, is expected to take up a full time roll again from June. Could this coincide with the release of Apple’s rumoured portable device?


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