Samsung N310 Netbook Promotional Video

April 22, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Samsung N310 Samsung has announced a number of new 10-inch netbooks that are due to hit retail shelves in the next few weeks. This includes the N110 netbook (refresh of the NC10), the N120 (which has a full sized keyboard and 2.1 sound system) and the N310. The Samsung N310 in many ways is probably the most interesting of them all. I say this, not because of the hardware (the specifications are not that different to the NC10), but mainly because of the love-it-or-hate-it design. No netbook released to date has caused such a chasm of opinion as to whether the design is attractive or not.

Anyway, I imagine Samsung are going for a different segment here. One that would be willing to spend that bit extra for something unique. That’s certainly what the promotional video below seems to suggest too, where it talks about if “minimalist design inspires you, rely on the Samsung Mini Notebook N310”. It also talks about favouring ‘Totality rather than Details’ and ‘Curved rather than Edged’.

Personally I applaud Samsung for trying something different but still find the huge ‘Samsung’ name embossed onto the lid a bit vulgar. I’ll reserve judgement until I see one in person though, as those that have seen it say it is very nice to the touch. Whether the design alone can warrant a massive premium over the Samsung NC10 is another question consumers will have to face. The N310 will cost £399.99 when it hits UK shores at the beginning of next month. Given that the Samsung NC10 can be hard for just over £300, it may be had to justify the extra cost for some.


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