Apple readying wireless “media pad” for Verizon?

April 28, 2009 at 5:52 pm

Apple has consistently denied rumours that it plans to enter the netbook segment as we know it. During its latest quarterly results, an Apple executive even went as far as dismissing netbooks as “junky”. At the same time, Apple said it would look to make an “innovative product” and had some interesting ideas of its own. We are now hearing a rumour that Apple is set to launch a “media pad” in conjunction with Verizon Wireless.

A report from BusinessWeek suggests that this Apple media pad will be used to listen to music, view photos and watch HD content. It could also be used to make phone calls over a wireless connection. It is unknown what type of form this media pad would take, but could this be the Apple tablet that has been rumoured for so long?

For those that have seen it, the media pad is meant to be smaller than Amazon’s kindle e-reader. The Kindle has dimensions of 7.5″ x 5.3″ x 0.7″ whilst it has a six-inch display. The media pad is believed to be smaller than the kindle, although the screen is bigger according to the same sources.

The media pad category might go to Verizon,” said the person who has seen the device. “We are talking about a device where people will say, ‘Damn, why didn’t we do this?’ Apple is probably going to define the damn category.”

Apparently, this rumoured “media pad” along with an “iPhone Lite” is the result of a collaboration between Apple and Verizon Wireless. One of these devices could appear as early as this year according to the report, although it doesn’t suggest which this may be. Given that AT&T has exclusivity on the iPhone in the US, I find this news surprising.

Apple’s deal with AT&T may only involve the original and 3G iPhones, and not these new devices. Of course, launching different devices with different carriers would make the situation complex for customers. It may highlight a move by Apple to not rely on one sole provider to distribute its products.


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