T-Mobile planning Android netbook?

May 6, 2009 at 2:22 pm

T-Mobile Android NetbookT-Mobile is to team up with HTC to produce an Android netbook according to TMOtoday. The news would seem to make sense if true. T-Mobile collaborated with HTC to create the T-Mobile branded G1 smartphone, which uses the Android platform. Also, with a number of mobile operators already selling subsidised netbooks, the move to create a branded netbook with embedded 3G connectivity would be a natural progression for wireless carriers.

Whilst no release date has been leaked, an end of year launch has been hinted at. Apart from that there is little to go on. We are already expecting to see a number of Android netbooks to be announced at Computex Taipei in June. If this rumour turns out to have some truth to it, I for one, certainly will not be surprised.

Via Phandroid.


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