Dell Latitude 2100 netbook options get priced up

May 20, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Dell Latitude 2100Dell yesterday announced the 10-inch Latitude 2100 netbook targeted for schools. It seems that Dell has thought of everything to make it is kid-proof as possible. This includes a network activity light on the lid, rubberised case, a fanless bottom to avoid spills as well as some optional extras such as an anti-microbial keyboard, carrying handle and shoulder strap.

Dell now has the Latitude 2100 up on its site along with a multitude of options all price up. The netbook in its $369 base configuration is already not cheap, but a premium can be justified due to the design considerations undertaken. However, this amount can quickly start to add up once you improve the specs.

If you opt for the Latitide 2100 with Linux Ubuntu 8.10 then it will cost $369. Windows XP will cost an additional $30, Vista Home an extra $79, whilst Vista Business will set you back an extra $129.

The Latitide 2100 will come with 512MB RAM as standard. To opt for 1GB RAM costs $15, whilst 2GB RAM is an additional $30. Storage comes with a 16GB SDD as standard. The 80GB/160GB/250GB HDD options cost an incremental $20, $35 and $85 respectively. The 6-cell battery costs an extra $25.

Draft N wireless can be added for $15 and if you want Bluetooth that will cost the same. The webcam costs an extra $15, whilst the touchscreen will set you back an extra $30. The anti-microbial keyboard option costs $20, the carrying handle costs $20 and shoulder strap $40. Any other colour apart from Chalkboard Black will cost $30.

As you can tell this is probably one of the most customisable netbooks Dell has offered and it will be interesting to see whether this carries through in future Inspiron Mini versions.


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