Extended impressions of LG X120 netbook

May 20, 2009 at 3:37 pm

LG X120 A couple of weeks back, Engadget went hands-on with the LG X120 netbook and provided some initial impressions. They now have their ‘review’ up, but I’ve labelled the post ‘extended impressions’ as there are a number of crucial points missing from their write-up including battery life, audio performance etc.

Whilst they felt that it didn’t really distinguish itself in any way, they didn’t have anything significantly negative to say about it either. They were fond of its looks, given its matte white finish and green accents. This finish doesn’t extend under the lid, with a glossy finish gracing the palm rest and screen bezel. They also found it to be quite sturdy, although its proportions were slightly out of shape given the 6-cell battery.

The keyboard got a thumbs up too with a “non-squishy feel” although the touchpad was found to be too small. The rocker bar, below the touchpad, also was prone to mis-clicks. The X120 comes with three USB ports, a card reader and easily accessible RAM access panel.

The instant-on Splashtop-based Smart-On interface has its own dedicated power button which is a nice touch. The interface boots in a number of seconds to reveal a web browser, media player, Skype and games applications. Multi-tasking was also possible in Splashtop with performance unhindered.


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