Microsoft to bin “three app limit” on Windows 7 Starter Edition

May 22, 2009 at 5:01 pm

Windows 7One of the biggest criticisms facing Windows 7 Starter Edition is the “three app limit”. By only allowing three applications to be open at any one time, many have referred to this base edition of Windows 7 as the ‘crippled’ version.

However, it appears that Microsoft is doing a u-turn on this decision. According to Paul Thurrott, Microsoft will now be removing this limit from Windows 7 Starter Edition. This is good news as the Starter Edition is the version of Windows 7 that is likely to appear on the majority of netbooks when the new OS launches later in the year.

This limit was creating a lot of bad press for Microsoft, so it will be hardly surprising if this turns out to be true. Now, let’s just hope they’ll overturn the ridiculous inability to change the desktop wallpaper.


299 Responses to “Microsoft to bin “three app limit” on Windows 7 Starter Edition”

  1. Nom@n said:
    May 23rd, 2009 12:19 AM

    Stupid to say you can only have 3 windows open. That clealy sends a message to consumers that

    “we want your money so buy the more expensive version muhaha”

    And not being able to change the background image? That clearly says:

    “so you don’t use more than 3 windows? we’re gona annoy u even more until u give us your money”

    Why not just take windows media centre/movie maker/aero shake/ other features out and say buy the version with more features…thats what their doing with home prem/ultimate