Slick new aluminium CrunchPad prototype revealed

June 4, 2009 at 1:10 pm

TechCrunch CrunchPadTechCrunch founder Michael Arrington is on a mission to create a thin and light internet tablet computer. Pictures of the ‘CrunchPad’ were revealed to the world a couple of months back, however TechCrunch has now revealed a near-final design that is looking like an incredibly sexy device.

Whilst only conceptual drawings have been revealed, working prototypes using this design are expected in a matter of weeks. This new ‘launch prototype’ differs from the previous version in a number of ways. First off, the 12-inch screen now sits flush with the case and the thickness is visibly reduced to just 18mm. This has been achieved by using aluminium, compared to plastic before, which will likely put the price up a bit.

TechCrunch CrunchPad

TechCrunch initially claimed the CrunchPad should ship for less than $300. The development team is still in talks with partners to bring the device to market, however, and a specific price has yet to be disclosed. Additional details will be made public at a special press event to be held in July. The video below shows the previous Crunchpad in action, highlighting the user interface and Linux-based operating system with Webkit browser. The device boots directly into the browser.

TechCrunch CrunchPad

TechCrunch CrunchPad


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