Sony Vaio P gets 1.6GHz Atom & 128GB SSD refresh for US

June 22, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Sony Vaio P VGN-P698ESony Vaio P’s “not-a-netbook” comes in so many different configurations that it’s hard to keep track. With different regions being limited to certain specs it makes it even more head-spinning. Engadget is reporting that US consumers can now get hold of a Vaio P (VGN-P698E) with the faster 1.6GHz Z530 processor. This should be a nice little speed upgrade considering that the only version sold in the US previously came with the 1.33GHz Z520 processor. However, this model still lags behind Japan’s Vaio P flagship which comes with a 2.0GHZ Z550 Atom CPU and 256GB SSD.

However, whilst Japanese Vaio P owners can now get Windows XP, this version is still stick with Vista Home, which is likely to mean it still feels a bit sluggish. Sony has sweetened the deal by adding a 128GB SSD as well as GPS and a Verizon WWAN module. It’s certainly not cheap though at $1,500. It’s available for pre-order now, and will begin shipping around June 26th.


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