Apple tablet/netbook rumoured for October launch at $800

July 13, 2009 at 4:35 pm

Apple tablet/netbookThere have been numerous rumours over whether or not Apple plans to launch a ‘netbook’ type device, to attack the lower-end of the computing market. Today’s rumour is that an Apple ‘tablet’ is coming and will launch in October costing around the $800 mark.

The story comes from The China Times, where it reports that Apple is trying to launch the device in time for the Christmas shopping season. It also says that Wintek will be providing the touch panels, whilst Foxconn will be manufacturing the tablet. Both of these names have been mentioned before in these rumours, adding to the likelihood of their involvement.

Instead of following the “current market trend (by producing netbooks with screens about 10.2 or 10.1 inches in diagonal length)” the report instead suggests Apple “will produce screens with about 9.7 inches in diagonal length.

The report goes on to say that is targeting a different market to that of netbook leaders, Asustek and Acer, hence the price premium. “Because Apple will adopt touch screen technology on its netbooks, Apple will not target low-end consumers,” said the (translated) report. Any new device near the $800 price range would nonetheless be significant for Apple, which has never had a new, retail price computer below the $999 mark.

Via Macrumors [via Gizmodo].


224 Responses to “Apple tablet/netbook rumoured for October launch at $800”

  1. Bob said:
    July 13th, 2009 4:52 PM

    This is a Yuppie Book not a Netbook .. $800 eh ?? Is the recession over already and did our per capita income rise ten fold … ?? Its a luxury model from Apple which’ll compete with the likes of Viliv S7 pedigrees.