Banshee media player to get special netbook UI

July 16, 2009 at 11:20 pm

Banshee Media PlayerBanshee, which was originally developed as an audio player for Linux, is to get a custom user interface designed for netbooks in the next major update. Banshee has moved on to become a fully featured multimedia player, able to play video and supporting compatibility with devices such as the T-Mobile G1. Banshee v2.0 will also see the player deliver photo management.

Banshee is planning for a new custom interface for netbooks dubbed Cubano in future versions. Ars Technica has a screenshot of this UI and it does look quite simple and user-friendly. It has a look reminiscent of Moblin with its lack of menus and cover art grid view.

“Cubano is more about experiencing your music than managing it. I am aiming to introduce visual metadata (photos, colours) and simple whitespace as UI elements to separate and emphasize content instead of the hard lines from traditional toolkit widgets,” Banshee developer Aaron Bockover wrote.

Banshee Cubano Interface


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