Intel keen to push CULV-based ‘ultra-thins’ over netbooks

July 16, 2009 at 5:03 pm

Intel keen to push CULV-based ‘ultra-thins’ over netbooksIntel has not hidden from the fact that it expects the CULV-based ultra-thin notebook segment to deliver higher margins over what it is currently delivered from netbooks. Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, reiterated this point at its recent Q2 conference call in which he talked about the differentiation between both product lines and why the company is bullish about the ‘ultra-thin’ segment’.

As the name suggests, ultra-thin devices are based on ultra-low voltage processors which means that a new class of portable can be created, well according to Intel anyway. “I think the usage models are really differentiating between notebooks and netbooks and that will be even more clear when the new ultra-thins are out there because now if you want a thin and light notebook, you don’t have to just pick a netbook. You can pick an affordable notebook that has more functionality,” said Otellini.

Undermining the netbook segment further, Otellini went on to say, “When people try to do 3D games on these things (netbooks) or try to run their office applications on them, they tend to think it’s a bit slow and that isn’t just the processor, it’s the entire architecture.”

He sees the ultra-thin device as the perfect fit for those looking for something in between a notebook and netbook. “So I think you are seeing a model emerge that is a third usage category and that’s likely to be — to have a higher contrast between those products and notebooks, as the ultra-thin products come to market,” said Otellini.

Regardless of consumer cynicism, Intel expects big things from these super-slim portable devices. “Ultra-thin notebooks are now shipping in the market and we believe they will further invigorate the notebook category and be a significant contributor to our profits in the future.”

Via The Inquirer.


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