Glarewear sunglasses ease eye strain for outdoor netbook use

August 10, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Glarewear sunglassesThe guys over at have reviewed a pair of Glarewear sunglasses, designed especially for netbook/laptop use. The glasses have been designed to solve a common problem. When using a netbook/laptop on a sunny day, if you try to wear sunglasses at the same time, it can make it almost impossible to read the display.

The Glarewear sunglasses get round this problem by allowing all the light from the laptop through, but still blocks out the majority of the background light. The sunglasses ship with three different lenses which work best on different types of screens. Whilst they do appear to make a difference, if you are viewing your netbook in direct sunlight don’t expect miracles. Check out the full review here.

Thanks Matt!


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