HP Mini 311 to get revised specs for Windows 7 release

October 11, 2009 at 8:48 pm

HP Mini 311Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system will be released in a matter of weeks now. Some manufacturers are planning to re-release existing netbooks with Windows 7 and as the hardware limits are different to that of XP, it looks like most will get revised specs too.

The ION LE-powered HP Mini 311 (or Compaq Mini 311c if you’re in Europe) is also to get a Windows 7 SKU and myHPMini managed to get hold of the revised spec list.

This includes full ION (rather than ION LE), different storage options (including 80GB SSD or 250GB/320GB HDD) and a maximum of 3GB RAM. It will also run on either Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium or Professional (32-bit) operating systems. It will be interesting to see how these options push up the price on release though.

Via Netbooked.


5 Responses to “HP Mini 311 to get revised specs for Windows 7 release”

  1. John S said:
    April 23rd, 2010 4:05 PM

    I bought the HP311 through Verizon Wireless on a $199 deal with 2Yr activation.
    Deffinately better then my Lenovo S10e with Intel graphics that were old. The HP has the same Intel CPU Atom 270 as the Lenovo and that too me really degrades performance for running Windows 7 Premium. Yes, it does run OK and video even does pretty well. But you start really multi tasking and the fan kicks into high gear and the computer slows. I found the same thing in the lenovo S10e. seems these Atom’s just do not like heat or the netbook makers just do not have enough cooling. Anyway you slice it the HP311 is a very good Netbook but will never replace even a $500 notebook.

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