Intel’s Cedar Trail will be 32nm; supports DDR3 memory & HD video

November 20, 2009 at 10:50 am

Intel AtomInitial details on Intel’s successor to the Pine Trail chipset emerged yesterday. Whilst Pine Trail (and its processor codenamed Pineview) has not even hit netbooks yet, we found out that the next chipset will be named Cedar Trail. The next-gen Atom processor part will aptly be named Cedarview, following on the naming convention used with Pine Trail.

Fudzilla has some further information regarding Cedar Trail and confirms that it will use a 32nm fabrication process. The Cedarview processor part is likely to launch in 2011. It will include a new memory controller and will support single-channel DDR3 memory.

The Cedar Trail chipset will also support both HD video content and DirectX 10.1 graphics. This new graphics core will support LVDS, eDP, HDMI and DisplayPort that the forthcoming Pineview processor lacks. It will also include Blu-ray and twin-display support. We’ll bring you further details on the Cedar Trail chipset and Cedarview processors as we get them.


17 Responses to “Intel’s Cedar Trail will be 32nm; supports DDR3 memory & HD video”

  1. Bob said:
    November 20th, 2009 11:16 AM

    Then why not introduce Cedarview itself from the start … why test the grounds with Pineview when the competition (namely: AMD + few others) are already hot on their heels with “all-of-the-above”.

    IF at all there can be a parallel … it can be that of Windows coming out with Vista … why couldn’t MS carry on with XP and then jump directly to Win7 .. Pinetrail is a bettered version of present ATOM chips, I feel , so there’s nothing fabulous to carry on home about. Whats out of the ordinary, is Cedarview as of now. Am sure there can only be a very good ‘commercial, market-led’ reason for Intel.

  2. Bakeman said:
    June 12th, 2010 6:05 PM


    “why couldn’t MS carry on with XP and then jump directly to Win7″

    It is a project cycle, it is an economy growing cycle. They could, however, one new version of Window each year. But this is same as killing goose and get it golden egg. You produce something too fast, but too less people afford the upgrade, then you are wasting too much resource on the development, you bussiness won’t be good.

    If they produce Window too slow, then the low level worker such as marketing department may be idle, no work to do because no people want to purchase Window, cause they already have one installed on their computer. Then microsoft will have to retrench some worker to cut cost. This is certainly not a good sign for a famous company.

  3. Bob said:
    June 12th, 2010 7:32 PM

    Hey Bakeman, I get what you said about economics which is why I gave similar thoughts in last line. I was just wondering why the next versions can’t be *significantly* more evolutionary and thereby more productive than the earlier version. Why Vista after XP .. then long wait for Win7. Vista should have been better than XP is what I am whining about. What made a good co. like MS come out with Vista in between & spoil the show (maybe MS retrenched Vista programmers by now ;-) )

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