Jolicloud announces Pre-Beta Release; new features outlined

November 24, 2009 at 6:15 pm

JolicloudJolicloud has started to release invitations for the Pre-Beta release. This release will bring with it GMA500 support, giving the OS 98 percent compatibility with all netbooks in the market. A few netbooks running VIA C7M or AMD GEODE are the lonely few that don’t have support right now.

The Pre-Beta release includes the new Window installer called Jolicloud Express. This allows you to install the OS within windows, much like you would a new browser. This keeps Windows as a separate entity with data untouched. The old ways (ISO / USB) of installation remain for those running Linux.

The company also plans to release a new UI over the coming months. This includes redesigned logos and an updated theme. More Beta announcements are expected during the LeWeb conference in Paris on December 9th. One of these includes a new way to control your Jolicloud netbook via twitter, now that sounds very intriguing.

The company has also announced that it sent out 60,000 invitations for the Alpha program. Those that use it during this period get a special ‘Founding Member’ status. A nice way to say thank you.


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