Nvidia Tegra 2 Tablet/Smartbook CES Roundup [Video]

January 9, 2010 at 5:37 pm

Tegra 2 TabletFollowing the official Nvidia Tegra 2 announcement, a whole number of different next-gen Tegra powered products were shown on the trade floor at CES. Rather than creating a post for every single one, we’ve summarised each below and attached any relevant videos. Most of these consisted of tablets, rather than smartbooks, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect over the coming year. Check out the Tegra 2 action after the jump.

Notion Ink Tablet

This tablet is using a hybrid Pixel Qi display. Therefore not only do you get the power-saving effects of Tegra, you also get the energy efficient Pixel Qi display on top. It also offers 1080p video playback and HDMI-out. No word on pricing or availability.

Via Engadget (1 & 2), Gizmodo, ArmDevices, Laptop Mag & Slashgear.

MSI 10-inch Android Tablet

Pretty much the most that we know of this device is found in the title. It runs a 10-inch capacitive display and Android as an operating system.

Via ARMDevices.

Mobinnova Beam

We’ve come across the Beam before. It looks like the latest iteration includes Tegra 2 but much else about it is still the same. It has an 8.9-inch display and is powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor. It includes 256MB RAM, 512MB of flash storage and runs Windows CE. It is expected to launch in the US partnered with AT&T.

Via Engadget , Laptop Mag, Liliputing and Slashgear.

Compal Android Tablet

ODM Compal showed off a 7-inch tablet prototype running Android 2.0. It included Wi-Fi but strangely GPS and Bluetooth was missing. It has a resistive touchscreen instead of capacitive and the hands-on experience was pretty poor.

Via Engadget.

ICD Ultra Tablet

The ICD Ultra is a 7-inch (1024 x 600) tablet was able to handle 1080p video with ease. The Ultra runs Android 2.0 but firmware was found to be a bit rough. Verizon will be launching a WiMAX version of this tablet later in 2010.

Via Liliputing.

Asus Eee Tablet

Not much is known about this tablet, JKKMobile spotted it and said it could be the much-rumoured Eee PC. He also has another video with other Tegra 2 tablets.

Quanta Prototype Tablet

ODM Quanta was showing off a tablet with Tegra 2 internals. It has a HDMI out and energy efficient 10 hours of HD video playback. No idea on screen size but it has Wi-Fi, 3G and Android operating system. Check out Engadget for more information.

ASUS / Pegatron Neo Smartbook

Engadget came across this smartbook from Pegatron (still currently part of Asus). It has a 10-inch display and is powered by the Tegra 2 chipset and Android operating system. The device was very lightweight but suffered from keyboard flex. They were told that it will definitely making it to the market this year.

Non-Tegra 2 Tablets

Below we have a couple of interesting tablets that we came across that do not have the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset inside.

Pegatron Atom-powered Slate

This 11.6-inch Slate tablet runs Windows 7 using an Intel Atom processor. It includes 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD, HDMI and a webcam.

Via Neowin.

Qualcomm Snaptop Prototype

Qualcomm’s Android Snaptop prototype has a 9-inch screen but also comes with a detachable keyboard located on the backside. It offers HD video, HDMI out and widget-centric UI.

Via Laptop Mag.