ARM processors to overtake Intel in mobile devices by 2013?

January 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm

ARM processors to overtake Intel in mobile devices by 2013The use of ARM-based processors will exceed Intel’s x86 equivalents by the year 2013, or so says they data crunchers over at ABI Research. They say that current shipments of UMDs (ultra-mobile devices including netbooks, smartbooks, MIDs and UMPCs) using x86 processors stands at around 90 percent.

This is expected to reverse as ARM-based devices offer more choice for vendors. The perception that ARM devices, such as smartbooks, are always-connected and have much longer battery lives than their x86 equivalents will no doubt help the ARM push. I’ve seen many similar reports that talk of Linux overtaking Windows for UMDs in a broadly similar timeframe. One thing’s for sure smartbooks and the like are here to stay.


7 Responses to “ARM processors to overtake Intel in mobile devices by 2013?”

  1. Bob said:
    January 22nd, 2010 5:44 PM

    I feel ARM will do very well for smartphones (they already rule in this space) more than smartbooks in future cuz netbooks will always need Windows OS, esp. since Win7 is turning out ot be a huge success and smartbooks can’t run anything other than WinCE. Fyi, Steve Ballmer is already talking about releasing Win8 !!!

    Smartphones, on the other hand, with 4inch + screens will be successful alter ego’s of smartbooks & these will flourish in mini-tablet (MID) forms for sure. I am waiting for the right one myself ;-)

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