Apple iPad compared against 5 other upcoming slates

January 29, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Apple iPad compared against 5 other upcoming slatesIf CES wasn’t an indication enough that 2010 is likely to be the year of the tablet (or slate if you prefer), then Gizmodo has a nice comparison table where it has compared six slates (including the recently announced Apple iPad).

Having a quick run through the list, the Notion Ink stands out for me. It’s the only one to come with a Pixel Qi display for e-reading duties and sports Android, Tegra 2 and even a HDMI out. The only glaring omission is Adobe Flash support, but I’m sure Android will support this at some point down the line. Check out the detailed comparison table after the break.

Apple iPad compared against 5 other upcoming slates


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  1. Uriel said:
    February 23rd, 2015 12:31 AM

    Flash is not a concern with Webtop dicvees.You will have to update to the latest Flash from the Google Play store, it will remain available since Flash was pre-installed on your device. However, Adobe will only offer security updates for Flash on Android going forward. It even works with Android 4.1 updates, though Adobe states it is fully unsupported.Also, neither Firefox nor Chrome on Android support Flash. As such, you may have to use the standard Android Browser to use Flash sites properly. But, they should run in Webtop 3.0 just fine.

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