Windows 7 polled as the best netbook OS

February 17, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Windows 7There are so many operating system choices when you’ve bought your new netbook. You have the usual desktop stalwarts such as Windows, OS X and Ubuntu, but there is a growing number of Linux alternatives catered to the netbook experience such as Jolicloud, Moblin and the upcoming Chrome OS.

Lifehacker has been conducting a poll over the last week, asking its readers what is the best netbook operating system. First of all they asked their readers to flag their favourite, they then rounded up the five most popular OSes and conducted a poll to find a winner.

The five chosen candidates were Windows 7, Ubuntu, Jolicloud, OS X and Linux Mint. What I find strange about this collection is that there is no Windows XP. Given that Windows XP was preinstalled on pretty much every netbook before last October, it’s strange there’s a lack of XP love. I was also surprised to not see Moblin as one of the chosen five. Over 760 replied to the original post, which seems a reasonably high number to get a wide range of votes.

The poll itself saw 13,001 votes and declared Windows 7 the clear winner with 36 percent of the vote followed by Ubuntu with 27 percent. Jolicloud and OS X both garnered 12 percent of the votes each with Linux Mint at last place with 8 percent. Do you agree with the list? We’d love to hear your favourite below.


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