JooJoo gets UI makeover, new colour & fully working Flash playback

March 11, 2010 at 11:43 am

JooJooWe recently heard that the 12.1-inch capacitive JooJoo tablet had been delayed to the end of this month and it seems that Fusion Garage has been putting this time to good use. A number of improvements to the device have been made including a new user interface, improved text entry, fully working Flash video and even a change of colour casing from black to champagne.

The homescreen now has an icon grid that sits over customisable wallpaper. A vertical swipe reveals a status bar housing the home button, status indicators, navigation controls, and search. Two scroll gestures have also now been implemented. This includes a two-finger scroll (much like a scroll wheel) and a single finger “pan” that functions much like a mouse arrow.

Text entry has also been improved via a smaller keyboard that can be moved around the display without obscuring content along with a larger full-screen keyboard that includes multitouch (to register more than 1 key at a time). The JooJoo is expected to launch on 25 March for $499.

Via Engadget.


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