Enable two-finger scroll for your Windows netbook

March 18, 2010 at 8:20 am

TouchpadNot all netbooks come with touchpad gesture control, however Lifehacker has come up with an extensive guide on how to enable two-finger scrolling and other gestures for your Windows netbook/laptop.

Two-finger scrolling allows you to scroll through web pages much like the wheel on a mouse. This can be added via an easy installation of the TwoFingerScroll utility that, as well as scrolling, provides additional tapping commands to add shortcuts to your touchpad.

For those wanting more gestures including three-finger control (unwise on a netbook) then you’ll need to install a modified Synaptic driver. It’s a more complicated method detailed fully at Lifehacker, but I think for most netbook users two-finger scrolling should be good enough given the small touchpad size.


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