Intel Cedar Trail Atom to bring 1080p Wireless display support

April 22, 2010 at 11:10 am

Wireless DisplayIntel’s next major Atom platform, codenamed Cedar Trail, will bring with it a host of improvements over existing Pine Trail netbooks. It will have better HD video playback capabilities and, according to Fudzilla, will also feature 1080p Intel Wireless display 2.0 support.

This will give you the ability to stream HD video content directly to your TV, all over the air. An adaptor will be needed on the receiving end, such as the Netgear Push2TV adaptor, but apparently it works like a charm. This is expected to be included in H2 2011 or at launch of the Cedar Trail Atom platform.

Fudzilla also says that Cedar Trail will support a number of open source operating systems including Google Chrome OS and Meego (the collaboration between Intel and Nokia).


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