MSI La Mode chic netbook exterior; MSI Serene thermal tech for fanless netbooks

June 4, 2010 at 1:13 pm

MSI La ModeMSI has outlined a new 10-inch concept netbook called ‘La Mode’ that has a chic exterior design, most likely following Asus’ footsteps with its Karim Rashid designed Eee PC1008P-KR netbooks. It’s not clear from the press release whether this is a new netbook or accessory (both are referred to) but what we do know is that the netbook has a “stylish ebony cloth case with wave-pattern and luminescent MSI logo”.

The company also talks of its MSI Serene thermal technology that ultimately results in fanless 10-inch netbooks powered by Intel Atom processors. Not sure what’s too new here as some manufacturers already have fanless netbooks (like the Dell Mini 10). MSI says that this tech will be integrated into all future products.

MSI La Mode


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