Asus denies dropping 8.9 inch netbooks

March 3, 2009 at 5:43 pm

Asus ChairmanFollowing a number of rumours over the last few weeks, Asus today denied claims that it would be axing 8.9 inch netbooks. Company Chairman Jonney Shih said, “It seems that customers prefer to have a greater screen, which also means a larger keyboard. I still believe we have a good opportunity in 8.9-inch for kids, telecoms or emerging markets.”

Rumours suggested that 8.9 inch netbooks were to be axed with 10 inch netbooks being the main focus across 2009. It was thought that 7 inch netbooks would survive, however, Asus confirmed during a press conference at CeBIT that 7 inch netbooks will be axed in mature markets.

Via Cnet


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