Asus’ Fold/Unfold concept coming to netbooks soon?

March 7, 2009 at 12:28 pm

Fold/UnfoldAsus’ CEO Jerry Shen has confirmed to TechRadar that the Fold/Unfold concept will become a commercial reality in Q3 2009. This exciting new form factor has been has been designed to provide a more ergonomic keyboard by groups of designers from France, Italy and Korea. The video after the jump shows the concept in action, the keyboard sliding backwards as the screen is opened. This maximises the room for the keys, trackpad and palm rest. The fact that the keyboard separates itself from the main body of the system also lets ASUS cool the internal components more effectively. Whilst Asus has only confirmed this for an upcoming laptop, given the size limitations of netbooks and efforts by manufacturers to maximise keyboard space, we would be very surprised to not see this concept appear in an Asus netbook at some point.


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