Lenovo launching a Vaio P clone?

March 11, 2009 at 4:28 pm

LenovoLenovo is preparing to launch a rival to Sony’s Vaio P if these latest spy shots are to be believed. Chinese Engadget obtained some slightly fuzzy pictures showing the device which has more than a resemblance to Sony’s beauty. The model seems to have a slightly smaller screen size than the Vaio P and appears to have what looks like a leather casing (much like the Thinkpad Reserve Edition). The ThinkPad Reserve was produced as a limited-run notebook for executives that came with special support above and beyond Lenovo’s usual warranty.

As with the Vaio P, there is only a trackpoint for control. The pictures also seem to show what is a small camera and other buttons on the side of the display. Specifications are unknown however a Windows key can be seen on the keyboard. It is unclear whether this is a concept or something due for mass production. “Our design labs in Beijing are constantly researching new innovations in design and functionality. Many of these will never reach commercial production. This concept is another demonstration of Lenovo seeking new innovative products to better address customer needs,” said a Lenovo rep.


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