Sony Vaio P refresh on the horizon?

March 26, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Sony will launch a refresh of the Vaio P ‘not-a-netbook’ this Summer according to Sony Insider. Before you get too excited it is unlikely that we will see a complete redesign, a bump in specifications is more probable. There has been talk of Intel replacing its 1.86Ghz Z540 Atom CPU with the 2.0GHz Z550, could this be part of a new beefed-up Vaio P?

A leak of six new model numbers was obtained which shows a jump from the current 500 series to a supposedly new 700 series. Four of the model numbers were tagged P710, the difference between them being four different colours (black, green, red and white). The other two were tagged P730A and P730T. It is unknown what the difference is between the latter two are, although it is likely that the P730 models will have a higher-spec (different processor, RAM or larger SSD drive). It would be nice if a lower price-point was also planned, although I can’t see that happening. We’ll come back with any more news on a new Sony VAIO P as soon as it emerges.


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