Dell Mini 10 upgrades dated, Dell Mini 11 on the horizon?

April 5, 2009 at 11:13 am

Dell Mini RoadmapDell’s netbook roadmap appears to have been leaked by a tipster to A full range of presentation slides have been leaked for Dell’s 2009-2010 mini-notebook/netbook roadmap. The roadmap highlights when we can expect to see some of potential upgrades for the Mini 10 as well as hints for a new model dubbed the Dell Mini 11 with an 11.6-inch display.

When the Dell Mini 10 was first announced a number of options were promised for the 10-inch netbook. We have already seen a higher-resolution (1366 x 766) display appear for it and judging from the roadmap a number of other options will appear on April 17th. This includes a 250GB hard-drive, a TV Tuner, a 6-cell battery, Ubuntu Linux and, potentially, even a 1.86GHz Atom CPU. On May 20th a model with 2GB RAM is also planned. It is difficult to know how set in stone this is as one of the slides says: “Do we need the 1.86GHz processor option? Performance increase is minimal but cost increase is high – approx $75”. This clearly highlights that maybe this is still work in progress.

The slides also point to a new Mini 10 with 1.6GHz N270 Atom CPU, Ubuntu and XP options and 120/160GB HDD or 8/16GB SSD options. The Dell Mini 11 with an 11.6-inch high resolution display is muted for a Q2/Q3 release. An updated Mini 10 with Intel’s new Pine Trail processor is also expected in Q3/Q4. The slides are not the easiest to follow and we also do not know when they are from and if anything has changed in the meantime. Check out the slides after the jump.

Dell Mini Roadmap

Dell Mini Roadmap

Dell Mini Roadmap

Dell Mini Roadmap

Dell Mini Roadmap

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