Intel confirms 2GHz Z550 Atom CPU, demos Moorestown platform

April 8, 2009 at 3:41 pm

IntelIntel has officially released a 2.0GHz flagship CPU for the Atom series after rumours surfaced last month. The 2.0GHz Z550 CPU supports hyper-threading at under 3W of power. Intel also confirmed the 1.2GHz Z515 Atom CPU which uses Intel Burst Performance Technology for more power efficiency.

The company also demonstrated their next-gen Atom-based MID platform called Moorestown. One particular version shown had ten times more power efficiency when idle compared to current Atom chips. The platform uses a smaller 45nm manufacturing process, and includes both the graphics and memory controllers into the main core.

It will take advantage of a new version of Moblin, the open-source Linux-based platform Intel recently entrusted to the Linux Foundation, with new optimisation for internet access and mobile voice functionality. The platform is due to launch commercially by 2010.


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