Gigabyte T1028 TouchNote Video Unboxing

April 9, 2009 at 9:47 am

Gigabyte T1028 TouchNoteGigabyte’s upcoming 10-inch convertible tablet netbook, the T1028 TouchNote, has been unboxed courtesy of UMPC Portal. They videoed the whole event and gave their first impressions. The T1028M supplied to them already came pre-installed with an in-built 3G modem. Overall the unit fared favourably to Gigabyte’s previous net tablet, the 8.9-inch M912. It has a larger keyboard and touchpad and despite having a bigger screen, didn’t feel much heavier either. They felt noise and heat was also an improvement over the M912 despite some fan noise remaining.

The 1024 x 600 display did not appear to be as sharp as expected, probably due to the touch layer on the screen muting the screen somewhat. The screen felt responsive and supported gestures. Battery life wasn’t brilliant though, predicted to last under three hours. The T1028M comes with a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB RAM and 160GB hard-disk drive.

We know that a number of different T1028 models are planned with a ‘P’ version coming with a higher-resolution (1366 x 768) screen and 1.66GHz N280 CPU. The T1028M is expected to launch at the end of this month and it is interesting to see that the unit they played with had final retail packaging. Check out the video after the break.


313 Responses to “Gigabyte T1028 TouchNote Video Unboxing”

  1. Mircea said:
    April 9th, 2009 11:53 AM

    Gigabyte T1028 is available, ready to ship, from, for $600+, plus anothe $30 for shipping. The company is based in Hungary but they seem pretty reliable. Plus, there aren’t many other options to ‘import’ Gigabyte netbooks in the US. Please be advised that the prices in dollars fluctuate, as their pricing is euro based.

  2. marco said:
    June 11th, 2009 8:42 PM

    Someone can tell me if, after i choose the 3g version, to change the display to the HD resolution one? Or do the opposite, buying the HD dsplay versione and after modding the pc with an additional 3g card ( by express card or soldered)???

    Because the t1028x has HD display 1368×768 but no 3G preinstalled or optional.

    t1028m has 3g preinstalled module but a 1024×600 screen.

    Is it possible to upgrade aftermarket?

    Which solution is easier or better?

  3. seven said:
    March 28th, 2011 11:13 AM

    The screen felt responsive and supported gestures. ACER lc.btp00.006 Battery life wasn’t brilliant though, predicted to last under three hours.