Moblin instant-on OS promises 2-second boot time

April 9, 2009 at 7:16 pm

MoblinMoblin, the Intel-founded Linux-based operating system, hopes to achieve an ambitious boot time of just two seconds in future iterations of its instant-on OS. The Moblin Linux kernel was created to be a fast and lightweight platform, specifically designed to run on an Intel Atom CPU.

Whilst some may view these claims as lofty, Intel revealed that the major components of its software stack, including its graphics system, can already boot up in just a few seconds when using the latest Moblin Alpha 2 release.

Whilst getting the total software stack to boot in just a couple of a seconds is a completely different matter, it is encouraging to see Intel upping the ante for its instant-on OS. The Moblin project is competing with other mobile Linux-based operating systems such as Google’s Android, Jolicloud and gOS.

Intel believes that a fast boot time is paramount to the user experience. We would have to agree. Being able to start an operating system that quickly to check mail or use the Internet could change behavioural netbook habits significantly.

Via Ars Technica.


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