Averatec preparing Android-powered Vaio P clone?

April 28, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Averatec netbookWhilst Averatec are not the most well known brand when it comes to netbooks, this may be set to change with its next model. Averatec is set to launch a new netbook due in August or September which looks like a cross between Sony’s Vaio P and Lenovo’s Pocket Yoga concept and is rumoured to run Google’s Android OS.

US-based Averatec is owned by a Korean company called TriGem. CEO Tae-Hyun “Tiger” Cho claims that this new device has been developed in-house “from scratch”. Whilst the operating system has not been confirmed, Cho said that the “OS is going to be a surprise,” however he also confirmed that it will be “a merger of cell phone and PC technology.” It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Google’s Android is likely to be the front runner (unless Symbian is making moves behind the scene).

This picture is an actual shot of the netbook and, as can be seen, it certainly looks sexy with a Vaio P form factor and glossy black lid. Given the choice of OS, I imagine that it will be powered by an ARM chip. This would make it very similar to the 12-inch Wistron PurseBook, which also takes cues from the Vaio P and runs on a Snapdragon CPU.

Unlike many rivals, who are trying to satisfy every niche, Averatec is looking to build a portfolio with just three main segments: 10-inch netbooks, 12-inch laptops and all-in-one PCs. Averatec have already made one foray into the netbook market, with 2008’s Averatec Buddy. Rather than an in-house design, however, the Buddy was a rebadged MSI Wind.

Via Cnet.


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