Samsung N120 innards exposed

May 15, 2009 at 9:22 am

Samsung N120 exposedFor those potential Samsung N120 modders out there, Netbook Italia has come up trumps. It has ripped open the N120 netbook highlighting exactly where the HDD, memory, subwoofer etc sits. The photos are very clearly labelled, pointing out where all of the screws are and which direction certain latches need to be pulled. They also show you how to access the display just in case you want to opt for a touchscreen in the future. It’s an extensive gallery and well worth checking out.

For those wondering where our Samsung N120 review has disappeared to, we hope to have it up early next week. It won’t dissect the N120, like shown here, but it will cover the netbook in detail and give our thoughts after extensively using it over the last fortnight. Until then, click through for some more pictures of the N120 dissected.

Samsung N120 exposed

Samsung N120 exposed

Samsung N120 exposed



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