CrossFold’s DragonFly folding netbook concept

June 9, 2009 at 12:26 pm

CrossFold’s DragonFly folding netbook concept CrossFold has shown off a new netbook concept design that is certainly something I’ve not seen before. The DragonFly concept includes a double fold design, the first fold sees it turn into a flip-phone form factor, for which the device can be used as a smartphone. Folding it again, reveals a double display and full-sized keyboard, turning the device into a proper netbook. Folding it back completely should leave the DragonFly small enough to fit into your jacket pocket.

Apparently the display will also use touch panels, so that you can use it as a tablet device too. It all sounds very ambitious and I’d be surprised if such a concept would become a reality any time soon. The concept design is being shown at the Consumer Electronics Association event in New York where there will hopefully be some further details. In the meantime, check out the concept in action after the break.

Via Liliputing.


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