Samsung’s 10.2-inch colour e-paper display, Pixel Qi need not worry

June 9, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Samsung’s 10.2-inch colour e-paper displaySamsung has been demonstrating a number of new types of display at the SID Display Week 2009 show. As well as 10-inch low-power and touchscreen panels, it was also showing off a 10.2-inch colour e-paper display. Pixel Qi doesn’t have the limelight all to itself, as this screen is also capable of playing video too.

In what seems very similar to Pixel Qi’s hybrid display, the screen combines both e-paper and video technologies, allowing the user to switch between the two. This involves switching between “memory mode” and “dynamic mode” pixels. However, from what I can tell it doesn’t seem as accomplished as the 3Qi display from Pixel Qi and neither does it seem as far down the road.

The display has a low resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and is only capable of displaying 64 colours. The response time is also not that great at 25ms and as a reflectance of 10 percent or higher. It is an active matrix panel and was realized by utilizing “a kind of cholesteric liquid crystal” for the image display technology.

We are not interested in ordinary e-paper displays like the ones being developed by everyone else,” Samsung Electronics said. “So, this time, we planned to do something that no one else would do.” There’s no indication when these displays may start to become available or for what price.

Via Slashgear.


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