MSI UK responds to Microsoft’s hybrid netbook ban

June 12, 2009 at 6:35 pm

MSI Wind U115 HybridLast week we reported on a story that Microsoft was looking to ban netbook manufacturers that produce hybrid storage netbooks whilst running Windows XP. The only major netbook that this really affects is the MSI Wind U115 Hybrid, which uses a 8GB SSD and 160GB HDD. We have now had official word from MSI that confirms Microsoft’s stance.

Richard Stewart, MSI’s UK Marketing Manager, confirmed to us that it will not be removing the U115 Hybrid netbook from retailer’s shelves. “MSI will continue to sell the U115 until our current stock in the UK (and WW) has been sold,“ Stewart said. He did, however confirm that production of the U115 Hybrid will cease at the end of July at Microsoft’s request. What this means is that if you are considering this product then you better not hang around for too long. Stewart even feels that the U115 Hybrid will become a “special limited edition” product.

MSI kindly sent us a review sample of the U115 Hybrid and we should have some unboxing pictures for you tomorrow.


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