Archos 10s slim netbook gets video demo

June 15, 2009 at 5:14 pm

Archos 10s netbookThe Archos 10s netbook was officially launched last week. The 10.2-inch (1024 x 600) netbook is exactly the same as the Archos 10 but is much slimmer and lighter. It measures just 22.5m in thickness and weighs 1.06kg with the 3-cell battery. TechVideoBlog managed to get a video demonstration of the 10s in action, which certainly looks like a nice netbook.

When we originally reported on the Archos 10s, we said it may not have a Kensington lock or VGA. However, judging by the video, it does include a Kensington lock and VGA is provided for by a small adaptor. The unit shown was a near final version even though the keyboard is finished. The full-sized keyboard looks very good and reminds me of the Samsung N120. It spreads right to the edge of the chassis. The bottom didn’t have any access panels for RAM or HDD, but the rep said that this is subject to change with the final version. It was also good to see the 10s using a matte display.

Another 10s was shown running on Windows 7. It was interesting to see that Archos plan on offering Office 2007 free for 12 months. There is also something called the Archos Media Club, which allows you to watch movies on the netbook for a one-off fee. The Archos 10s will be available at the end of June in Europe for €379 for the 3-cell version and €399 with the 6-cell battery option.


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