Dell teases with new ultrathin Mini 11 mini-notebook?

June 16, 2009 at 10:58 pm

Dell teases with new ultrathin Mini 11 mini-notebook?There have been some strong rumours for a while now that Dell is planning to launch its own range of ultrathin notebooks based on the Intel CULV platform. Both Acer and Asus have already announced the Timeline and U series models respectively that come with the new Intel chips.

Now Engadget is reporting that Phil Bryant and Michael Tatelman of Dell displayed an “entirely new model line” of thin and lightweight notebooks at an event in Paris. Judging by the size of the mini-notebook in question, it very much looks like it will be the rumoured Inspiron Mini 11, which will replace the Mini 12 with its 11.6-inch (1366 x 768) display.

This rumoured 11.6-inch model, codenamed ‘Argos’, will use Intel’s Celeron ULV platform, have 2GB RAM and hard drive storage between 160GB and 250GB. The CULV-based ultraportable line-up is rumoured to be released in August and there’s no information on pricing right now. We’ll keep you posted with further developments.


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