Lenovo Ideapad S12 hands-on video roundup

July 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm

Lenovo Ideapad S12A number of US sites recently went hands-on with the 12-inch Lenovo Ideapad S12 netbook. Before you ask, they were all sent the S12 powered by the Intel Atom platform, rather than the S12 ION that is due to launch later this year.

The specs of this machine included a 1.6GHz N270 Atom processor, 1GB RAM and a 160GB HDD. As you can probably guess, with these specs, performance was pretty much like any other netbook out there. It does come with a 6-cell battery though that’s good for up to six hours, although it does protrude from the back.

GottabeMobile has some pictures of how the Ideapad S12 compares against to its 10-inch little brother, the Ideapad S10-2. Whilst the S12 is (obviously) bigger, it benefits from a bigger keyboard and touchpad and a high-resolution (1280 x 800) display. JkOnTheRun also received the Ideapad S12 and S10-2 and have a video tour up on the site. Liliputing also received both netbooks and posted a video unboxing. You can check out both videos after the break.


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